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Talent Concept
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     Zhejiang Taitan Co., Ltd. is a state-level key high-tech enterprise. In the field of high-tech modern textile machinery, it strives to be the first-class in China, catching up with the international advanced level, and the technological innovation “gold content” is getting higher and higher, and it has won the national, provincial and The city-level awards have 66 scientific research achievements and patents, and the products are oriented to the whole country and to the world. Titan can create such a good result. The main one is to always cultivate talents and develop human resources as the primary strategy for development.
Talent Concept
Basic talent view
Competition mechanism
Distribution mechanism
Learning mechanism
Fault tolerant mechanism
      Human resources is the first resource of the company's development, but also Taitan's most valuable wealth. Talent definition: Anyone who creates value for the company is the company's talent.
      "Horse racing does not match horse ". It provides a stage for talents for every employee who is moral, capable, creative, and in line with the spirit of Taitan.
     Establish a distribution mechanism of various forms, such as salary, bonus, new product reward, equity incentive, various benefits, etc., taking employees' creative contribution as the basic measurement basis, and not letting honest people suffer losses, so as to realize the value of each employee while realizing the company's goals.
      Take training and learning as the company's biggest welfare, full-staff learning, life-long learning, and promote Titan to move towards the goal of a learning enterprise. Eligible employees go to colleges and universities for further study, and the company pays the full learning cost.
      Employees who take the company's team interests as the fundamental starting point and take the initiative to do things, succeed, is your credit, failure, the responsibility of the company to assume.
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