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     The company provides a broad international perspective and assists employees in achieving a perfect career with a complete experience. A good corporate environment and working conditions, a positive working atmosphere, and a platform for employees to display their talents. Good salary and benefits, incentive housing loans and car purchase subsidies, as well as advanced equity incentives, make Titan our own common home.
[ Post ] Mechanical designer         [ Number of recruits ] 10 People [ Work Description ]: 1.Participated in research, project approval, demonstration, review and other work of product research and development. 2.Responsible for product structure design, drawing, parts processing technology formulation. 3.Sample making, trial production and preparation of relevant technical documents. 4. Responsible for the preparation of materials, accessories, standard parts list and consumption quota. 5. Responsible for solving the technical and process problems in the production site. [ Recruitment requirements ]: 1.College degree or above in mechanical or mechanical integration.Men and women, ages 30-45. 2.At least 5 years related working experience, strong mechanical design ability and design experience. 3. Strong sense of responsibility and team coordination ability;Good communication, coordination and presentation skills.

[ Position ] mechatronics           [ Nunmber of recruits ] 10 people [ Work Description ]: 1. Responsible for the design, installation and debugging of the low-voltage electrical control system; 2. Responsible for solving common faults in the control system;3. Assisted in project implementation. [ Recruitment requirements ] : Bachelor degree or above in mechanical and electrical integration, male, age 30-45 years old.
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